Pittsburgh Lawn Care Service & Maintenance


lawn care services Pittsburgh

We offer lawn care service and maintenance in Pittsburgh and its surrounding suburbs. We’ll keep any lawn looking healthy, beautiful, and well-maintained. From basic weekly mowing services to special yearly services that promote a healthy lawn, our Pittsburgh lawn maintenance services are ideal for both residential and commercial customers throughout the region. Our lawn services include fertilizing, seeding, mowing, dethatching, lawn aeration, and much more.

Our complete lawn maintenance services can maintain any healthy lawn and help restore any troubled lawn back to health. Our lawn care maintenance includes weekly lawn mowing plus weed control, special fertilization, over-seeding, and aeration services. We provide lawn maintenance to commercial and residential clients located throughout the city of Pittsburgh and its suburbs.

Our Pittsburgh Lawn Care Service Includes:

Mowing: Our weekly lawn mowing services in Pittsburgh begin around the end of March and continue through the fall. As part of our mowing services, we’ll trim and edge around sidewalks and plant beds. We’re also incredibly tidy and will blow grass clippings from concrete surfaces.

Fertilizing: Fertilization is an extremely important lawn maintenance service that helps ensure your lawn looks green and healthy. Our complete fertilization services in Pittsburgh include several rounds of fertilizer and weed control applications throughout the growing season.

Dethatching: This lawn maintenance service removes an excess thatch layer from your lawn. The process improves the health of your lawn, which allows it to grow better.

Lawn Aeration: Aeration reduces thatch build up. This decreases soil compaction and allows fertilizers to better access your grass. This lawn maintenance service is recommended once a year; generally in the fall.

Over-Seeding: Over-seeding should be performed after lawn aeration or annually every fall. This helps fill-in thin areas to establish a denser and healthier turf to better resist disease and insect damage.

Irrigation: We can design, install, and service irrigation systems for residential and commercial clients. This service helps keep turf well-watered and healthy.

Bush Hog Mowing: This lawn maintenance service is ideal for fields, farms, and lots that have become overgrown with tall grasses, weeds, shrubs, and saplings.