Pittsburgh Irrigation/Sprinkler System Installation & Service


Irrigation/Sprinkler System Installation & Repair Pittsburgh

Looking for yard sprinkler system installation in Pittsburgh? We can install or service any above ground or underground sprinkler system. A properly designed and functioning irrigation system will help keep your lawn healthy during a hot, humid, and dry stretch of Pittsburgh weather. Our Pittsburgh irrigation system installation will ensure your entire lawn and landscaping is optimally watered. We can also modify and add new zones to any existing sprinkler system to accommodate any landscaping changes. Additionally, we can repair and maintain irrigation systems of all types or brands. Our irrigation system repairs and maintenance services will keep your lawn sprinkler system working at maximum efficiency while avoiding over or under watering to keep your lawn looking its absolute best.

Irrigation System Installation Pittsburgh

We offer both commercial and residential customers the most professional irrigation system installation in Pittsburgh. When designing and installing your irrigation system, our pros will assess your lawn and landscaping to ensure proper system design. We can install a new irrigation system or modify new zones within your yard. We’ll install your sprinkler system with minimal stress to your lawn. Once installed, we’ll walk you through how your new system works. We’ll explain how to operate your system and perform necessary tasks to keep it working properly.

Irrigation System Maintenance Pittsburgh

We can service and repair all brands and types of sprinkler and irrigation systems. From preparing your system for the summer to winterization, we offer complete irrigation system maintenance in Pittsburgh. We can also inspect, test, and repair your sprinkler system and complete as needed repairs. Our Pittsburgh sprinkler system maintenance services include:

Irrigation Startup: Our irrigation system startup processes are performed each spring. This process is important as it prepares your sprinkler system for summer months. Our sprinkler system startup services include turning on the water, replacing clock batteries, and ensuring your spinkler heads are providing sufficient water coverage for each zone. During this service, we also establish the watering schedule. This is where we set which days of the week and times your sprinkler system waters your lawn.

Irrigation System Inspection: Prior to each summer, we’ll carefully inspect your sprinklers and irrigation system to ensure everything’s working properly. Run times can be modified as needed and sprinkler heads will be thoroughly inspected. Any as-needed repairs will be addressed to ensure your irrigation system doesn’t fail you in the summer when it’s needed the most.

Irrigation Winterization: This is where we prepare your irrigation system for those often-frightening Pittsburgh winters. This service involves us shutting off the water supply, blowing all lines free of water, and backflow device draining. All controllers will also be turned off or switched to rain delay.