Renovation of Elizabeth Pharmacy could be a sign of bigger things to come in Hazelwood

Joe Reich surveys the aisles of his pharmacy as he walks toward the front, winding his way around a cart with dry goods an employee has parked by the food shelves. He exchanges warm hellos with a few customers he greets by name. Elizabeth Pharmacy, a fixture since 1910 at 5041 Second Ave. in Hazelwood, is much like the [...]

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Al Gore wants Pittsburgh to join the fight against climate change, and he’s giving us the tools to do it

The Climate Reality Project, an organization founded by Al Gore, will hold an environmental activist training event in Pittsburgh.

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Want To Know The Secret of Life? Watch This Pirates Usher – The 412 – June 2017

Want To Know The Secret of Life? Watch This Pirates Usher, A lot of Pirates fans know (and adore) 99-year-old usher Phil Coyne. Friday night, his wonderful story got national attention. Watch.

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Pittsburgh Moments of Activism Captured in Photo Exhibit – The 412 – June 2017

Pittsburgh Moments of Activism Captured in Photo Exhibit, Religion, gender and race come together in a presentation of Teenie Harris photographs at the The Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh.

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Long-Awaited Opening Set for Kevin Sousa’s New Restaurant – The 412 – June 2017

Long-Awaited Opening Set for Kevin Sousa's New Restaurant, Superior Motors in Braddock will open in July, three years after its record-breaking kickstarter campaign.

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5 Pittsburgh neighborhoods first-time homebuyers should have their eye on – NEXTpittsburgh

Solid, affordable housing stock with good resale value in friendly neighborhoods makes Pittsburgh a top city for entry-level buyers.

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Anthony Bourdain in Pittsburgh: details from a leaker! – NEXTpittsburgh

Much like the White House, the Squirrel Hill Cafe became something of a sieve, and we scored a bit of insider info about what went down with Anthony Bourdain in "the Cage."

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