Pittsburgh Assembly Services


Pittsburgh Assembly Services

If assembly is required, look no further than our home improvement professionals for the assist. Our Pittsburgh assembly services include everything from furniture to cabinetry, toys, grills, and recreational equipment. So, if you don’t have the time or patience for DIY, or you just want to make sure what you’ve bought is assembled correctly, call us today at 412-650-4755 to request assembly service in or around Pittsburgh, PA.

Any & All Assembly Needs, Right Away

How many times have you read “Some Assembly Required” and thought to yourself, “No sweat! I got this!” only to regret that mindset later. Some assembly required typically means a lot of assembly required. Usually with poor instructions, too.

We’ll take whatever you’ve bought out of the box and have it assembled and ready to use in your home or yard in no time. No more agonizing over confusing instruction. No more disappointing your spouse or kids. No more wasted time. Our handymen can handle your assembly needs right away.

Our Pittsburgh Assembly Services Include:

• Bed Frame Assembly
• Bicycle Assembly
• Bookcase Assembly
• Cabinet Assembly
• Commercial Playground Assembly
• Couch Assembly
• Crib Assembly Services
• Deck Assembly
• Deck Furniture Assembly
• Entertainment Center Assembly
• Fence Assembly
• Fitness Equipment Assembly
• Furniture Assembly
• Futon Assembly
• Grill Assembly
• Gym Equipment Assembly
• IKEA Assembly
• Office Assembly
• Outdoor Play Equipment Assembly
• Shelving Unit Assembly
• Sofa Assembly
• Storage Rack Assembly
• Swing Set Assembly
• Table Assembly
• Trampoline Assembly
• TV Stand/Mount Assembly

Assembly requires a very specific approach that not everyone is wired for. If you’re one of those people who aren’t, any type of assembly will be a frustrating experience for you.

We want to spare you the frustration of spending hours assembling something only for it to break apart or be built wrong.

Let us take this burden off of you. We are experienced and can handle assembly projects of any size. We look forward to helping you!